Dual Education at the University of Debrecen

Eleven new students will start the first semester of 2017-2018 school year in dual education at the University of Debrecen.
The new university students signed their contracts on Tuesday. They will start the semester at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Ákos Pintér, vice-rector of the University of Debrecen said that the dual education is a so-called “win-win situation” for both the students and the companies, since students get practical and quality education at the university, and the firms will know what to expect from their new employees after their university graduation.

Most important goal of dual education is to train the students for real expectations that await them on the job market.

For instance, companies E.ON and National Instruments will start their second year in dual education with nine students.

The eleven new university students will start their career after their graduation at E.ON, National Instruments, BorsodChem and OngroPack.

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